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Do you believe in health freedom and the autonomy to choose what goes into your body? Do you believe you should be free to earn a living whether you are vaccinated or not. Take Action Canada gives you access to all the freedom movements in one place.
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Urgent need of Action? We’re here to Help!

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Stop the VaxxPort


Whistleblowers Click Here


Class Action – School Boards and Government of Ontario

TAC Deaths of Despair 2021 White Paper B-CVR-SM-SMALL

Children, Suicide And Deaths Of Despair From Lockdowns


Actions You Can Take Against Mandatory Vaccines, vaxxports and Rights of the Unvaccinated

Sorry I Got Vaxxed.   Tell your stories of Vaccine Regret

This site has Covid 19 “Vaccine” Stories of Regret.  Please add your stories or stories about your friends and family getting reaction from the Jab.  NOT JUST A SORE ARM!


 ACTION4CANADA Serve your employer today!

Employers, whether medical or not, are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing, recommending, and/or using coercion to insist employees submit to the experimental medical treatment

GetYour Letter Here»

 Notice to Employers For Mandatory Vaccination

POG thinks it’s time for you to put your employers and associations on notice regarding vaccines mandates.

GetYour Letter Here»

Letter for Business thinking of Discriminating based on Vaccines

Here is a letter for businesses thinking of discriminating against customers based on their vaccination status.  This is medical Apartheid!  Don’t let it happen.

See the letter

Open Up Canada and Stay Open!

Educate, empower and support Canadian business to lawfully open and stay open during lockdowns.Open Up Canada is a Take Action Canada initiative focused on businesses deemed to be non-essential in Canada. We will assist by providing resources, tools, training and support to empower business owners to stay open.

Open Up Canada

Stop The Vaxxport

Society has reached a tipping point and we need to act now!  What started as “flatten the curve”, has evolved into coercion and manipulation, pitting neighbour against neighbour and destroying families and relationships.

Stop The Vaxxport Here

Support Roman Babers Pass the Jobs & Jabs Act, 2021, now!”

We need to put enormous pressure on the Doug Ford Government to pass Roman’s or a similar Bill to protect hundreds of thousands of working Ontarians from losing their jobs because of their personal choice.  Sign The Petition Here

Know your vaccine rights – get letter of informed consent

Get notices for: Leave My Child AloneNotice To DoctorNotice To Employer  Get Your Notices Here

Sign – Free The North Declaration

We are Canadian lawyers. In our country, civil liberties are under attack. Governments, public health authorities, universities, public and private employers, municipalities, and businesses are trampling Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

Sign Declaration Here

Stop The Vaxxport

Society has reached a tipping point and we need to act now!  What started as “flatten the curve”, has evolved into coercion and manipulation, pitting neighbour against neighbour and destroying families and relationships.

Stop The Vaxxport Here


Children, Suicide & Deaths Of Despair from lockdowns

Suicides, Overdoses and Depression have been on a massive rise during the government imposed Lockdowns.  See what you can do!

Go to the Page »

STOP Vaccine Mandate! Let Our Children Play Their Sports

Call Premier Fords Office Now!

Call in and register your complaint with the premiers office TODAY! Mandatory VAX policy is NOT Mandatory VACCINATION! Let our children PLAY 416-325-1941

Vaccine Adverse Event Report For University  College Students Lawsuit

Take Action Canada has initiated a legal action against all post-secondary school institutions across the country.

Fill out the Form


Class Action Against School Boards & Ont. Gov

Interested in joining a class action against School Boards and the Gov. of Ontario for their move to Mask Kids and inject themwith a medicine that has not passed clinical trials.

Sign up for Class Action

Petition To The Cnd. Government To Stop Vaccinating Our Children

Suspend the use of the experimental Covid injections in pregnant women, children, youth, and people of child bearing age.

Sign The Petition Here

Petition to Re-open Ontario Schools for In Class Learning

As a result of the lockdown and closure of public school our children are now experiencing an unprecedented amount of anxiety, social isolation & depression which has resulted in a 300% increase in serious suicide attempts.

Sign Petition Here

Petition To Stop The Vaccination Of Our Children

To date, less than 20 children have died from Covid RELATED deaths in Canada. However, in just 2 months there have been 1026 cases of myocarditis in kids aged 0-25 and 88 Heart Attacks in children 0-24 in the USA from the Vaccine.

Sign Petition Here

Universities Are Pressuring Kids To Vaccinate – Help Us Stop Them!

Some universities and colleges across Canada have decided to not respect students’ rights and autonomy and have mandated a COVID-19 injection as a condition to live on campus or attend in-person classes this September.

Letter to University Here

 Is the covid vaccine safe for our children

Everything you need to know about whether the vaccine is safe for your children

Click Here »

Unmask our children in BC schools

Parents of British Columbia: We oppose this mandate for all children in grades 4 through 12 and, will never support any further measures to extend masking to the lower grades, Kindergarten through grade 3.

Sign Petition Here »

We say NO to the “New Normal” for children

Over the last 18 months, children have been made to carry the weight of the world and have been forced to endure completely unnecessary restrictions and abuse. Collectively, we say NO.

Sign Open Letter


Time to fight back.  Here are some of the tools you will need

Click Here »

Calling #code Pink Children first canada petition

Children First Canada and its partners are declaring #codePINK – a term used for pediatric emergencies.

Sign Petition Here >>

Sign petition to Save Our Youth Liberty Coalition

#SaveOurYouth Facebook Group Here Why Our Youth Needs Saving with Coalition Canada Here

Sign Petition Here >>

Action 4 Canada no masks in BC schools

No Masks In BC Schools.

Sign Petition Here »


Students are at nearly zero percent risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19 and have a 99.997% survival rate. There is a 31% increase in youth requiring mental health related hospitalizations.Parents must take a stand

Sign Petition Here »

Take action AGAINST OUR MEDICAL OFFICERS & Politicians

File Complaints against chief officers of health

Time for us to take matters into our own hands and file official complaints with the college that regulates our chief medical officers of health.Bonnie Henry (BC), Deena Hinshaw (AB), Dr. Barbar Yaffe (ON), Dr. David Williams (ON)

Start the Complaint Process Here

File a Complaint with the CPSO against Dr. De Villa

File an official complaint with the college that regulates Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer of health. Tell the college that you have had enough of the lies, lack of evidence and utter incompetence.

Start the Complaint Process Here

File a Complaint with the CPSO regarding Doctor Tam

It’s now time for us to take matters into our own hands and file official complaints with the college that regulates our chief medical officer of health.

Start the Complaint Process Here

Fire John Tory For Hypocrisy Now

John Tory told you to lockdown and then cheated. If this hypocrisy bothers you then sign the petition below.

Sign the petition >>>

 lift the lockdown & Fire Ford by Roman Baber

Cabinet is considering curfew + police enforcement. Doug said weeks ago that we already have “the toughest restrictions in North America” Ontario already criminalizes normal behavior. Help us put pressure today. Share this post and call:  Solicitor General (519) 941-7751 / Attorney General (705)726-5538Contact Your MPPTell them you won’t tolerate a police state in Ontario and that PC voters will fire FordNation in June 2022.

Sign Up For Roman’s Emails Here

Remove Trudeau & End the Lockdowns

The citizens of Canada, call upon the Governor General of Canada and House of Commons to dissolve Parliament, call a Federal Election and that Justin Trudeau step down as Prime Minister.

Sign the petition >>>

Canadian Politicians Hypocracy Hall of Shame

There are bastards and there are super bastards.  See the list of shameful bastards.

Sign the the Bastards >>>


get heard Write  your local &  fed government

Write your local, federal or provincial member of parliament templates on all things Covid.

Go to the website »

Petitions By Randy Hillier

Randy Hillier has been fighting the negative impacts of the lockdown virtually since it’s inceptions. He has up to 10 petitions you can sign which include things like: End mandatory masks, reopen schools and end the lockdown.

Sign Petition Here »

Stand with
Roman  & Lift The Lockdown

Sign Roman Baber’s Petition To Lift The Lockdown Here »

Sign Rebel News #Stand With Roman Petition Here »

Go to the website »

Stand with mp david sweet & Lift the lockdown

Ontario Conservative Member of Parliament David Sweet has joined Roman Baber and publicly come out in favour of ending the province’s lockdown measures.

Go to the website »

take care of OUR DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS who take care of us & Support Your Health Freedoms here

Lodge a misconduct complaint  Against Doris  Grinspun of Nurses Ass.

When asked how she would manage a PPC voting /anti-vax neighbour Doris Grinspun recommended putting a “strong dose” of Dulcolax in “yummy” empanadas.Time To Hold Doris Grinspun Accountable for Destroying Your Trust in Nurses.

Get Your Letter Of Complaint

College of Physicians Bans Doctors From Speaking

On April 30, 2021, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario explicitly stated that it is the professional responsibility of all physicians not to communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing, and anti-lockdown statements and/or promote unsupported, “unproven” treatments for COVID-19. If they did, they were threatened with investigation and discipline.

Click Here »

 Medical Colleges Attack On Health Professionals that Speak Out

Medical Colleges across Canada are attacking ethical practitioners regardless of the science.

Click Here »

Cnd. doctors speak out against College of Physicians

Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons  has forbidden doctors from questioning or debating all official measures imposed during COVID.  Support Physicians For Science & Truth

Sign The Declaration Here

Medical evidence for Covid-19 policies

The Canada Health Alliance is a group of medical doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in Canada who want to halt the misuse of power by the political health “experts” that are destroying  society & health.

Letter For Dr. Here »

U of Guelph Colleagues Trying To Silence Dr. Byram Bridle

While the University of Guelph supports him, a number of Professor Bridle’s academic colleagues are trying to silence Professor Bridle’s questions and concerns regarding the safety of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. To get your guide Click Here Sign here if you are a Credentialed Professional

General Public Sign Here


There are a growing number of Doctors and Scientists who are risking their licenses and careers to speak out about inconsistencies in government policy and the science surrounding Covid.

Visit the Page »

Canadian Doctors  Speaking Out

The CANADA HEALTH ALLIANCE did a recent video on doctors speaking out against Covid.StandUpCanada.solutions has provided transcript of that recent along with stats and  other resources.
To download a letter for your doctor CLICK HERE

For Video, Stats & Transcripts Go Here

Canadian frontline nurses initiative

The Canadian Frontline nurses have been very active and standing up for the rights of nurses, seniors and  taking legal action. Please click the link below to go to the frontline nurses webpage and then support through clicking on initiatives.

Support Initiatives Here »

Support your Concerned Ontario doctors

Watch the latest Covid Summit from concerned doctors on: The harms of lockdown, the dangers of censorship and the path forward. While there also please sign The Great Barrington Declaration

Visit the Page »

Investigation of CDC’s conduct during COVID-19.

Stand for Health Freedom revealed that our ongoing state of emergency has been largely fueled by bad data that has been compromised at the hands of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). An independent research team  has dedicated  20,000 hours into investigating all aspects of COVID-19 has found strong evidence of willful misconduct by the CDC and others.

Sign Petitions Here >>>

Great Barrington Declaration

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.

Find out More

Get Advice from Physicians For Informed Consent

Physicians for Informed Consent deliver data on infectious diseases & vaccines, and unite doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, attorneys, and families who support voluntary vaccination.

Find Out More Here »


File a complaint with the human rights tribunal ontario

Have you been denied service or discriminated against because you cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition?

File Your Complaint Here »

Call To Action Letter To Ontario Police

We have created a “Call-to-Action” initiative, so that you can send an important email to the Police in Ontario for the arrest of the Premier of Ontario for Breach of Trust by Public Officer, under section 122 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Call To Action Here »

Legal resource packages

Offers resources such as: Notice of Liability/Common Law Actions, Small Business Initiative & Support Package & Save Our Seniors Actions. Visit the home page for legal packages and then go the website and click on Action Initiatives

Visit website here »

Legal services Through The Justice centre

Justice Centre’s services to the public are provided free of charge.They deal primarily with cases that involve the violation of our freedoms to move, travel, assemble, associate & worship, human rights cases & with the conduct of governmental bodies.

Visit website here »

Know your rights legal defence package

Know your rights and get your legal defense package.

Get Your Defence Package »

Know your rights legal defence package

Know your rights and get your legal defense package.

Get Your Defence Package »

Class Action Lawsuits by Elders without borders

Join or support Class Action Lawsuits for the following: Standing tall for our children suffering harm due to covid mandates in schools & Fighting for frontline freedoms & nurses who are being silenced.

Go To Website >>

Dealing with Police and By-Law Officers

If you come into contact with the police or by-law enforcement, see this page to give you some tools and resources.  Resources include Public Servant Questionnaires, Guides to Dealing with Police and Tickets YOU can issue.

Click here to find more


The Constitutional Rights Centre’s sole mission and aims are the protection, defence, enforcement, and enhancement of constitutional rights, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

Visit the Page »


Police On Guard for Thee

Follow retired and active duty peace officers upholding the charter.

Go to the website »


The government is turning on paramedicsemergency respondersnurses and  healthcare workers who are reluctant to get the jab. They have worked tirelessly under extremely stressful conditions up until now to protect us and provide care. These same heroes are now facing bullying, scorn and job loss  due to their personal health choices.

Click Here »

sign this open letter to the rcmp

Read this open letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, posted by Mounties For Freedom. Please sign it and show your support.

Click Here »


Vaccine choice canada LEGAL RESOURCES

Get Your: Legal Exemption Forms, Informed Consent & Your Rights, Ontario Daycare Exemptions, Threats To Exemptions and so much more…

Go to the website »


Say NO to a Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine

Sign Petition Here »

SIGN Anti-Covid 19 vaccine Petition

Say NO to a Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine

Sign Petition Here »

Petitions to keep your childen safe

Everything you need to know about keeping your children safe from potentially harmful toxins in vaccines.

Sign Petitions Here »

National Vaccine
Information Center

Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicNVIC Special Report by Barbara Loe Fisher, President and Co-Founder

Get The Special Report Here »

FIND OUT ABOUT Vaccine Injury Compensation

Every year hundreds of Canadians are accidentally injured or even killed by government recommended vaccines. Find out why Canadians can’t get compensation for injuries through a court of law and more!

Find Out More Here »

#JustSayNo To Vaccines Campaign by Chris sky

Covid Activist & Influencer Chris Sky’s campaign to alert people to #justsayno to the covid vaccine has gone viral. And guess what? It’s so viral, censorship organization instagram is constantly removing it. Here is the link to instagram, but if the video’s gone go to youtube.

See Youtube Video Here »

Death By Covid VS. Death By Vaccine Following The Data

Death By Covid Verses Death By Disease: Follow The DataWritten by Take Action Canada’s very own in house journalist Frank Travers.

Read The Article Here

No Mandatory vaccines for canadian students

The prospect that politicians in Ontario are laying the groundwork for a potential vaccination requirement for students to go to school in-person, presents a new threat to families’ individual freedoms.

Contact Your Government Official »

FIND OUT ABOUT Vaccine Injury Compensation

Every year hundreds of Canadians are accidentally injured or even killed by government recommended vaccines. Find out why Canadians can’t get compensation for injuries through a court of law and more!

Find Out More Here »

everything you need to know about Covid & the Vaccine

Be informed before making any decisions around your health. No Jab For Me summarizes the history of ‘Business of Covid’ along with providing much needed information so you can make an informed decision.

See Youtube Video Here »

Life Site End Travel Restrictions

Contact Your MP To End Travel Restriction

Go to the website »

Protect Your
Medical and Travel

STOP VAXXPORTSLet your lawmakers know that requiring Canadians to produce documentation that they’ve been inoculated with an experimental vaccine in order to freely travel internationally is illogical and unethical.

Sign Petition Here >>>

No Vaccine passports required On This Airline

Support Freedom Airway, An Airline That Does Not Require A Vaccine Passport.

More Here About the Founder Dolores Cahill PhD here »

Go to the website »

Petition To Stop The Vaxxport

The Trudeau government is now considering working with G7 nations towards instituting a vaccine passport. Our liberties have been trampled enough!

Sign Petition Here »


If you agree that we need to STOP THE VAXXPORT then please sign Derek Sloan’s Petition!

Sign Petition Here


Open Up Canada & Support Our Economy

Educate, empower and support Canadian business to lawfully open and stay open during lockdowns.Open Up Canada is a Take Action Canada initiative focused on businesses deemed to be non-essential in Canada. We assist by providing resources, tools, training and support to empower business owners to stay open.



Professionals Against Lockdowns aims to combat draconian lockdown measures by providing clear, evidence-based, scientific research that will educate the public and create an ethical response to COVID-19.

Join Professionals Against Lockdowns

 Legislative Petition To Lift Lock down

Lockdowns are deadly. Grassroots Canadians, coming together to advocate against lockdowns.WE, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:That the Government of Ontario immediately Lift the Lockdown!

Sign Petition Here

Lockdowns CAMPAIGN

The cure is now worse than the the disease.  Support everyday people with families, jobs and no agenda except preventing the destruction of more lives. No More Lockdowns has a variety of PETITIONS you can sign

Sign Petitions Here >>>

 Support Better Businesses here today

See Businesses You Can Support Here

Go to the page »

add your business and Get support

Join Other Small Businesses Fighting The Lockdowns

Go to the website »

Support Canadian Independence

This Action Is To Declare To The British Parliament That Canada And Its People Wish To Be Independent.

Go to the website »

Rise Up And support local churches

Rise up and support your local Churches.Our faith and communities are under assault, we cannot stand by and let what happened in Edmonton go unchallenged.

Go here to support Churches

Petition to save our small businesses

Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
Sign The Petition To Save Our Small Businesses

Go to the website »

Oppose Oppressive Lockdowns Today

Contact Your Mp / MPP Today. The lockdown orders are causing massive disruption to the vast majority of Ontarians’ livelihoods, social interactions with others, and physical and mental health.

Contact your MPP Here

JOIN Rebel News
I Will Reopen CAMPAIGN

Share Your Reopening Plans With Rebel News And, Get Your Story Covered!

Fill Out The Form »



Get The Latest From Multiple Independent News Organizations

Go to the page »


Bill C-10 gives the CRTC the ability to regulate the internet but provides no clear guidelines. It is an attack on free speech and the fundamental rights of Canadians.

Sign Petition Here >>


Sign the Rebel News Petition To Stand Derek Sloan.
Take a stand against Cancel Culture!

Sign the Petition »

Find Censorship free platforms here

Tired of posting something on social media only to get canceled from Youtube, Facebook or Twitter for an innocuous comment or opinion. Learn more about apps and platforms that won’t censor you.

Go to the page »

No media bailout Mr. Trudeau

Justin Trudeau, An independent media is critical to our democracy and making Canadian media dependent on government handouts undermines that independence.

Sign Petition Here >>

Oppose The Cancel culture and fight back

Unsilenced Majority is an organization opposed to cancel culture in all forms. We strongly believe that corporate censorship, thought-policing and politically motivated blacklists and boycotts are having a corrosive effect on our country and will ultimately lead to a less free world.

Visit Website Here >>

act against Social Media that censors & Cancels

Go to the Google Play Store / Apple apps and give a 1 star review for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram citing that they discriminate and censor. After enough bad reviews the stores will automatically delete the apps. Click to see Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS

Google Play Store

All about Masks & Mask Mandates

BOYCOTT Businesses that discriminate

Boycott Businesses That Discriminate Against People With Health Issues & Force Mask Mandates

Go to the website »

over masks RESOURCES

Concerned individuals working together in pursuit of restoring our civil liberties, democracy, and way of life.

Go to the website »


Join the Doctors in Challenging Ford’s Pandemic response

Join Doctors in challenging Doug Ford to an academic discussion around g Ontario’s’ pandemic response.

Scientific debate challenge »
See Event » Register For Event »

Voula’s Law gets passed learn more here

Retirement, long-term care and group homes were using trespassing laws to keep family advocates out when they raise concerns about their loved ones’ living conditions.

The Ontario Legislature, MPPs voted unanimously in support of Motion 129, Voula’s Law. However, this motion is only the first step.

Keep Updated Here »

Integrative Medicine Under Attack

DEADLINE WAS MARCH 15THThank you for all who gave their opinions on the CPSO policy update survey. We will wait to here what happens with the pending policy update by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) that includes major barriers which may prevent Doctors from using integrative therapies to help you.

Take CPSO Survey »

Urgent Petition for Ivermectin  April  24

Ivermectin is remarkably effective in prophylaxis for Covid prophylaxis (~86% fewer cases) and treatment (-68% fewer deaths). It  has proven to be very safe. Countries, including Japan, Slovakia, Bulgaria, India, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Peru & Argentina. Canad already approved and would be a candidate to offer protection and prevention against COVID-19

Sign Petitions Here >>>

The Burning of the Great Library in Alexandria

How & Why Canada got Censored 101

Global Internet Censorship Lockdown Begins In Canada

Find Out More »

she Force masked
a  compromised child

Principal Saundra Reynolds knowingly overruled a doctor and force masked a child with medical issues thereby medically endangering and traumatizing a child. WE WANT HER TO RESIGN!!!!

Sign Petition Here »

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