Letter to University Administrators Pressuring Students to Get the Jab

Template Letter for Universities and Colleges mandating a COVID-19 injection this fall

Some universities and colleges across Canada have decided to not respect students’ rights and autonomy and have mandated a COVID-19 injection as a condition to live on campus and/or attend in-person classes this September. This totally overlooks students capabilities to protect others by using reliable, safe and practical measures and risks a troubling slippery slope of further draconian measures. The mandate also falls short on adequate grades of supporting evidence and violates numerous ethical and safety considerations.

So, here is your chance to let your or your child’s university and/or college administrators learn the consequences and risks of mandating a COVID-19 shot for their students. Please edit this PDF of an evidence-based template letter to include the names and addresses of your university or college administrators. Send a clear message that you want this mandate dropped and will hold them accountable for harms caused as a result of this unnecessary overreach.


Download the Letter, Fill it out and email it or print and mail it!


I want to help with this Initiative

I want to help with this Initiative

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