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The Customer is always Right! Those days seem to be long gone!!!

Many of us have either personally experienced or at least observed someone being treated rudely or inhumanely in establishments for not wearing a mask.

Unfortunately, even though every establishment in the country posts mask signage on their premises, most are not following the law.  Additionally, the By-Law enforcement officers that are tasked with enforcing the law are pressuring business owners to not allow anyone into their establishments even if the customer states that they have a medical exemption.  The combination of public pressure and By-Law enforcement bullies has created a very challenging situation for even the most sympathetic business owners.  Some businesses are handling these interactions with their customers transparently and legally, while many if not most are taking a much more aggressive and illegal approach.

Customer Rights !

Take Action Canada (TAC) has created an initiative to help guide you through the process of reconciliation and support with the business so that they can see the error of their ways.


Canadian Citizens must inform the businesses of the Rights and Freedoms granted by our Constitution when entering.

Each Province has mask exemptions, which many businesses are not upholding.

Entering a Business- Guideline: (please print)

  • Before entering the business, read the posted documents on their windows.
  • Walk in, we are all customers.
  • An employee may or may not ask if you have a mask.
  • If you have an exemption, let them know. By law, they cannot ask for papers. (check your province, see below)
  • If the employee is not allowing entry, have the “Mask Exemption Policy” for your province printed and ready to present.

Always be polite and respect the employee; keep in mind they are doing their job. This is what the employer has told them to do.

  • If entry or service is still not allowed, ask to speak with owner or manager of the business. Give the same explanation. If still not given entry or service, then inform them that they are breaking the law. Quote the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada.


If the response is still negative and you are not allowed into the business, inform the person that you are speaking with that you will be encouraging others to stay away from their business and will be posting negative reviews of their establishment on social media.


Provinces & Territories Mask Exemptions:


If all else fails:

TAC understands that most store owners will not be interested in reconciliation and therefore, we have devised a program to send a message to the business and their potential clients.

Please reach out to TAC. An incident report will be created; volunteers will call, email, or write a bad review on your behalf. None of your Personal Information will ever be disclosed. (Incident Report)

You can also sign up to Volunteer to help Others. (Volunteers Needed)

As of now, the focus for Customer Rights is on Mask Exemptions.

TAC is closely monitoring the Proof of Vaccination and will be including more information by Province once it is available.

Join the Volunteer list and be alerted to Stores and Businesses NOT treating people right !  Join via email or SMS/Text Messaging

Please let us know if you would like to Volunteer.

Customer Rights Volunteers

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