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Customer Rights - The Carrot and/or the Stick                 

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Have you experienced or witnesses any of the following?

  • Individuals being rejected from retail establishments for failure to wear a mask
  • Violent or aggressive confrontations with staff
  • A complete lack of empathy and appreciation for masking exemptions
  • Rude behaviour in stores due to a perceived lack of “social distancing”

At some point over the last 18 months or so, many of us have either personally experienced or at least observed someone being treated rudely or inhumanely in establishments for not wearing masks.  Bill 501 By-Law 2020 s.2(a) provides various exemptions from the requirement to wear a mask

(1) children under two years of age;

(2) persons with an underlying medical condition which inhibits their ability to wear a Mask or Face Covering;

(3) persons who are unable to place or remove a Mask or Face Covering without assistance;

(4) employees and agents of the person responsible for the Establishment within an area designated for them and not for public access, or within or behind a physical barrier; and

(5) persons who are reasonably accommodated by not wearing a Mask or Face Covering in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code

s.2(d) states; (d) The policy shall not require employees or members of the public to provide proof of any of the exemptions set out in section 2(a)

Unfortunately, even though every establishment in the country posts this or similar By-Laws on their premises, most are not following the law.  Additionally, the By-Law enforcement officers that are tasked with enforcing the law, are pressuring business owners to not allow anyone into their establishments even if the customer states that they have a medical exemption.  The combination of public pressure and By-Law enforcement bullies has created a very challenging situation for even the most sympathetic business owners.  Some businesses are handling these interactions with their customers transparently and legally, while many if not most, are taking a much more aggressive and illegal approach.

At Take Action Canada, we have created an initiative to help guide you through the process of reconciliation and support for the store owner so that they can see the error of their ways.

Unfortunately, we understand that most store owners will not be interested in reconciliation and therefore we have devised a program to send a very strong message to the vendor and their potential clients.  This carrot and/or stick approach is outlined below.


Download the Process Flow  Click here


The Carrot 

The Stick

If you have had an incident and have not been able to resolve this issue with the business please fill out the form below:

Customer Rights

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