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Society has reached a tipping point and we need to act now.  

A tipping point is defined as “a critical moment in a complex situation in which a small influence or development produces a sudden large or irreversible change.  The point at which a slow, reversible change becomes irreversible, often with dramatic consequences”

What started as “flatten the curve”, has evolved into coercion and manipulation, pitting neighbour against neighbour and destroying families and relationships.  Society just wants to “get back to normal” and if everyone would just do their part (masking, vaccinations, social distancing, etc…), all of this would just go away and we can live our lives in peace and security.  Approximately 70% (at time of publishing) of Canadians are fully vaccinated, and Covid “cases” are increasing and not decreasing.  How can this be happening?  Who can we blame?  Mainstream media and industry-funded science  indicate that it is impossible that the experimental gene therapies have anything to do with it because they are fully tested and safe (For information on what unbiased  science is saying please go to the following: & & ).  We are told at every turn that it must be the unvaccinated that are infecting the rest of us compliant and caring citizens.  Shaming and ostracizing of the unvaccinated has not produced the desired results, so it is time to move to a new strategy.  A much more invasive and coercive strategy with far reaching legal, social and financial repercussions.  

Vaccines Passports are being introduced across the country to force vaccine compliance, and the ramifications are staggering.  On October 13 2021 Canada will mandate the vaccine for all health care workers, and all Federally regulated agencies including air, marine, and railway shipping and transport, First Nations Band Councils, Radio & Television, and others. Domestic travel will require a vaccine passport, and Health Minister Adrian Dix is now openly stating that people choosing to go jab-free may be limited in where they can go and what they can do. In B.C. Dr. Bonnie Henry is urging local businesses and shops to require vaccination or proof of vaccination to enter.  

Many Canadians felt in their hearts that something was amiss but since their lives remained relatively stable (job security, freedom to travel, access to patios, etc..), they chose to ride it out and stay on the fringes.  Until now…

The tipping point has finally arrived for many of people.  Since the move towards vaccine passports for travel, mandatory vaccinations in offices, sporting and entertainment facilities and restaurants has increased, people have suddenly woken up to how this will affect them personally and can no longer stay on the sidelines.

People are now or soon will be….

  • Losing their jobs
  • Unable to travel for recreation or work
  • Unable to attend university in person
  • Losing access to health facilities and gyms
  • Limited on their ability to use public transit, taxi’s and Ubers
  • Not allowed to enter any eating establishment
  • Unable to pray in a church, synagogue or mosque

If you are unwilling or unable to vaccinate, you will not be able to hold a job in most public sectors.  Even if your company is willing to accept an exemption, your client’s vendors my not, which means that you are not able to fulfill your employment mandate if you need to visit clients regularly.  Additionally, if you are required to travel for work and cannot, you are also at risk of losing your livelihood.  Healthcare workers, who worked tirelessly for the last two years are now being told that they will be fired if they do not vaccinate.

The imposition of a vaccine passport is a permanent check on Canadians.  As the government requires more and more vaccinations and boosters, the requirements for compliance are going to become even more onerous.  This is the part that appears to be lost on most people.  It will not stop with being “double vaxxed” in order to get your vaccine passport.  It will evolve into a process that is mandatory and unwieldly, not to mention against our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Bill or Rights.

People are waking up to the fact that this is a massive fight that cannot wait.  It is a critical moment in Canadian and world history and we will be judged by what we did at this moment in time.  Did we sit idly by and watch this unfold or did we take action to stop it from taking hold in our society?

How Can You Help?

At Take Action Canada we have dedicated volunteers who are working tirelessly on multiple fronts but we need your help

  • We need lawyers
    • Legal practitioners who are well versed in constitutional, employment and criminal law
  • Testimonials - Have you been injured by the vaccine?
    • We are gathering testimonials of vaccine injuries and death which will be used to put pressure on government. Deputations to MPs and MPPs are being organized. A Proposed Bill to stop the vaxxport, Petitions, Notices of Liability, and other tactics are being worked on.  Please access our site at to provide your desperately needed testimonial.
  • Become an activist
    • Join Take Action Canada and volunteer for this project to conduct outreach. We need foot soldiers to reach out to MPP’s, agencies, school boards, etc.
  • Media Outreach and Support
    • Do you have experience in any of the following areas?
      • Videography
      • Writing / Journalism
      • Fact Checking / Research
      • Copy Writing
      • Web Site Creation
      • Social Media Outreach

Click here to join us:


See this postcard and explanation.   During the 1930's the National Socialists (NAZI) party was voted into power with a minority government.  They introduced and series of restrictions starting with and "Health Pass"  .  Please download and use this pass at will.   It serves as a warning to all.  



Written by Frank Travers


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