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If you work in government, healthcare, nursing homes, pharma, academia, pharmacy or any other agency or industry and prepared to become a whistleblower,  we want to hear from you.

The world needs to hear your story! 

Whistleblowing was defined in 1972 by Ralph Nader as “an act of a man or a woman who, believing in the public interest overrides the interest of the organization he or she serves, publicly blows the whistle if the organization is involved in corrupt, illegal, fraudulent or harmful activity.”

It was whistleblowers who exposed Watergate and the failures and atrocities of the Vietnam War; who exposed the massive accounting fraud that brought down Enron and WorldCom in the early 2000s; who exposed secret Swiss bank accounts; and who exposed the health dangers of nicotine in tobacco products.

A whistleblower is someone who reports waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, or dangers to public health and safety to someone who is in the position to rectify the wrongdoing. A whistleblower typically works inside of the organization where the wrongdoing is taking place; however, being an agency or company “insider” is not essential to serving as a whistleblower. What matters is that the individual discloses information about wrongdoing that otherwise would not be known.

The good news is that the truth is starting to come out.  The light is beginning to shine through the cracks in the darkness thanks to dedicated and passionate individuals like you, who believe that our fundamental rights should be protected.  That the truth matters.

At Take Action Canada, we have been fortunate to become affiliated with many whistleblowers from across the country and we will continue to use this platform to raise awareness and educate our fellow brothers and sisters.

We have come to realize that many of the most impactful stories are coming forward from individuals that cannot afford to make themselves public.  With that in mind, we have developed a partnership with Bright Light News (https://brightlightnews.com/) to support the anonymity of whistleblowers by interviewing you with technology to disguise your voice and face.  You will have the opportunity get your story out with impunity and take advantage of the expanded viral reach that we can provide.

If you work in government, healthcare, nursing homes, pharma, academia, pharmacy or any other agency or industry, we want to hear from you.

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