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Letter Templates

Get Your Consent Letters 
  • Informed Consent Letter To Healthcare Professionals
  • Healthcare Worker Pledge Form For The Voluntarily Vaccinated
  • For Employers Who Try And Coerce Vaccination




Letter Templates

Check out all these letter templates allowing you to act and let those "in charge" that what they are doing is not have the power.






The Mirror Project

The Mirror Project is a new nonprofit initiative with the mission of developing a singular anti-propaganda repository, incentivising investigative journalists, whistleblowers & field-specific experts to identify media propaganda and subsequently contribute to a growing body of unbiased & impartial information which, in the aggregate and by design, is structured to uncover & communicate The Truth.

Respirator Specialist from Canada PROVES Masks for Coronavirus Cause Harm

Back in June 2020 I wrote a Public Open Letter to Alberta's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw concerning her errors of recommending N95, Surgical and Nonmedical masks as protection from a coronavirus.

This form can be utilized for families to plan for the vaccine injection in case something goes wrong. There is zero liability from Pharma companies, and life insurance most likely will NOT payout since Insurance Policies will NOT cover EXPERIMENTAL medical procedures!






Truth Matters

In this article, we aim we aim to develop an understanding of the political economy of mass hysteria. Using the background of COVID-19, we study past mass hysteria. Negative information which is spread through mass media repetitively can affect public health negatively in the form of nocebo effects and mass hysteria. We argue that mass and digital media in connection with the state may have had adverse consequences during the COVID-19 crisis.

Get Information on Issues, general legal questions, and your rights

Understanding Your Rights and Freedoms in a world filled with fear: All your questions answered in the Justice Centre e-book

Feb 11th, 2021

Truth Matters

A careful look at the C19 issue from many perspectives.  Media manipulation, Lockdowns and Orders, PCR Tests, Social Distancing, Death Stats and Masks.



Public Servant Questionnaire.

Please download and use this if dealing with the Police or By-Law Enforcement.

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Don't Trust the Medical or National Security Establishment

February 10, 2021, Instagram banned the account of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an attorney, founder of Children’s Health Defense, and co-founder and president of the environmental group, River Alliance. According to Instagram, his account was removed for “sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines.”  ...See his interview with Ron Paul


Is The Virus A Hoax

This website addresses the question - Is the virus a hoax? - through a compilation of materials ranging from Doctors speaking out about the Covid 19 pandemic to injuries caused by the Covid Vaccine.


Learn more Before you Act

Learn a bit more before you permanently and irreversibly affect your immunity and genetics.

A Deep Dive - Ontario COVID19 Data & Topics: Seasonality

A deep dive into several COVID19 themes and into the Ontario data, including past year pathogen seasonality and potential C19 endemicity, an absent Public Health Ontario respiratory pathogen report for the 2019/2020 winter season, an interesting data note from the Kingston Public Health Unit, and first wave case cadence and long-term care issues. Hope you enjoy.

It takes hundreds of hours to put our information and site together. Please consider donating to our cause.

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