Children, Suicide And Deaths Of Despair From Lockdowns

Children, Suicide And Deaths Of Despair From Lockdowns

Deaths of Despair

Child suicide evidence package

While we typically see an increase in depression, substance abuse, mental health issues, suicide attempt and ideation with adults during periods of increased unemployment and economic recessions, we have never before seen suicide grow so quickly and to such alarming numbers with our children. 

 While the lives of adults and parents are important it is our goal to bring much-needed attention to child suicide during and as a result of lockdown measures, absence from school, social activity, routine, sports, isolation and other normal behaviour required for adequate development and prosperity. 

One might try and argue that the decisions made by our government to put us in a lockdown based off early projection models was justified because some believed we did not know any better at the time, but it is certainly not a valid argument now that we have over 14 months of hard data that clearly shows the lockdown was never required and produced no beneficial results in any arena. 

We have known for over a half a year that statistically children are virtually unaffected by COVID-19 unless in the rare circumstance that they suffer from a compromised immune system. We also knew that children are not super spreaders. As a matter of fact the data shows that no child under the age of 10 has ever passed COVID-19 to an adult in any country around the world.  According to Dr. Paul E Alexander MSc PhD, McMaster University and GUIDE Research Methods Group, children are at very low risk of acquiring COVID-19 infection and are at an even lower risk of spreading it amongst themselves in a school setting. The data clearly shows that children are not spreading this to adults or teachers and while the risk of serious illness to children from COVID-19 is extremely rare it has been determined that the few children who are acquiring COVID-19 are predominantly catching the disease in their home and from their parents. Statistically the safest place for children including university aged adolescence is in school. 

“Settled science shows that children do drive influenza into the home but do not drive COVID-19 into the home” therefore our policies make no sense. 

This is the first time we have reversed the position with our kids and are asking them to suffer in order to protect us from an infectious disease that he’s no worse than annual influenza. History will not look kindly upon us for making children into human shields. 

According to the CDC, the survival rates for people who get infected with COVID-19 by age and with out treatment are:

0-19              99.9997%

20-49           99.98%

50-69           99.5%

70+               94.6%

And yet we were forced to go along with a decision to eradicate our children’s education over a virus that statistically does not affect them. With preliminary reports suggesting asymptomatic transmission was not a contributing factor, admitted by the WHO in the summer of 2020, we now have complete and updated data showing that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 does not exist. 

Ignoring the failures of our government to follow the science of epidemiology we wish to move forward with everything doctors and scientists have learned and get our children back in school full-time affective immediately. 

Here is the evidence. McMaster Children’s Hospital, in Hamilton Ontario,  reported a 300+ percent increase in youth suicide attempt during the four month period of October to January 2020 compared to that same time period from 2019. Youth substance abuse has doubled and child eating disorders have increased 90% 

According to a peer reviewed study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a hospital in Texas where data was already being collected on child suicide from before the lockdown reports that child suicide attempt was 2.34 times higher in March 2020 compared to March from the previous year, it also stated that suicide ideation was 1.6 times higher during that same month. This is with an average age of only 14 years old.   The study suggests that children do not need to suffer for long periods of unemployment or poverty like adults do before they resort to suicide ideation, the uncertainty, isolation, lack of structure, family tension, limited access to doctors, teachers, coaches, fear and the mere thought that they would be away from their friends has an immediate negative impact on children’s mental health, suicide ideation and attempt jumped up immediately beginning with the March 2020 lockdowns and removal from school. 

The state of Arizona reported a 67% increase in child suicide during the 2020 lockdown. 

Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among children between the ages of 10 and 17 second to accidents. 

The reason we have included areas from the United States is to point out that this problem is congruent throughout North America where lockdowns of this nature have been carried out and because it sheds light on the governments dishonest cover-up of child suicide rates during the lockdown which we have uncovered during our research.  While it is exceedingly obvious that removing children from their friends, coaches, routine, sports, goals and ability to pursue their life‘s ambitions and dreams would have an incredibly detrimental effect on their mental health, the Canadian government has encouraged our health care institutions and statistics Canada to downplay the severity of youth suicide during the pandemic. We have the preliminary suicide statistics from the province of Alberta where they are claiming that Child suicide under the age of 15 and between the ages of 15 and 19 have only increased by one suicide death during the 2020 lockdown compared to 2019. This is clearly false if not fraudulent when compared to the over 300% increase that McMaster Children’s Hospital seen in the previous four months compared to pre-lockdown. We ask that our fellow citizens, teachers, school board trustees, politicians, law-enforcement and what ever other governing body capable of assisting the reinstatement of our children’s full-time in person education, not  to allow the government to manipulate the horrific numbers surrounding child suicide the same way the government misled the public when they were repeatedly caught over inflating Covid death statistics and including other causes of death and comorbidities.

As a society we can not cowar, turn a blind eye or fail to fight fervently for our children’s mental health, prosperity and education when the kids helpline received over 4 million calls in 2020 compared to 1.9 million calls in 2019. 

The CDC has reported that online learning causes “more risk” to emotional and other mental health issues, the CDC surveyed adolescence between 18 and 24 and revealed that 75% admitted to mental health or drug problems during the lockdown, in that survey one in four young adults admitted to suicide ideation in the last 30 days.  The CDC reported a 24% increase in emergency room mental health visits with children between the ages of 5 and 11 

Boston Children’s Hospital reported a 47% increase in children hospitalized for suicide attempt and ideation between July and October 2020 compared to the same from 2019. 

The UK centre for mental health announced in January 21 that 500,000 children under the age of 18 in England with no previous issues will need mental health care due to the lockdown. 

British infirmaries report they previously treated between one and two children per week for mental health and suicide attempt but that now during the lockdown they are treating an average of two per day and as young as eight years old. 

The Youth Services Bureau of Ontario reported a 40% increase in mental health centre contacts in January 2021. 

In France children as young as eight years old are deliberately running into traffic, overdosing on pills and self harming during the lockdown. 

At what point do we stop blaming the government for forcing draconian measures on our children and start taking the resolution of this problem into our own hands? Now that we are all aware of the horrific increase in child suicide attempt and ideation during and because of the lockdown it now becomes each and everyone of our individual and collective responsibility to immediately reinstate our children in school, full-time, face to face where they can begin healing and try to unlearn the anguish and unnecessary fear that has been forced upon them over a virus that statistically does not affect them and that they are not responsible for spreading or causing the suffering of others. Many countries around the world did not take their children out of school, Sweden for example had zero child deaths due to Covid and they did not even participate in a lockdown as we know it nor did they take their children out of school. Taiwan only participated in a brief eight week lockdown where they did not take their children out of school, never used a vaccine and reopened without re-infection issues. 

Many countries did not participate in lockdowns or at least never more than a few weeks and their children have received a complete education which means our children will not be able to compete for enrolment in our universities against foreign students who have a better and more complete education!

Rahul Sapara, The president of the Ontario Federation of University Faculty Associations, stated “as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the scramble to move courses online, we have lost that human connection and educational quality has suffered”

60% of students and 76% of faculty believe online education has a negative impact on education quality which should be obvious because our teachers and schools were not prepared, qualified or trained to switch to a completely different teaching format that failed to acknowledge millions of students requirement for face to face learning, structure and support. Hybrid remote online learning fails to take into consideration that 15% of Ontario children live in poverty, 25% of our high school students receive special education support, a variety of teaching methods that face to face learning encompasses like the trauma informed approach. 

Hybrid remote and in class learning for high school from several parts of Canada suggest a drop in academic performance. School boards looking at students midterm marks found the failure rate was 16%, almost double what it was at the same time last year. This type of education is not only failing our children’s mental health but it is also robbing them of a proper education which will have untold negative affects on virtually every aspect of their future and the future of our society as a whole. 

We have witnessed Florida reopened without restriction and they are now reaping the benefit of allowing children to go back to school as 33 states that are not fully opened with in-person school have more cases of Covid in children than Florida. Is it gross incompetence or corruption that has not allowed us to quickly follow this example?

Keep in mind in May 2020 when the CDC reported the first 68,998 deaths attributed to COVID-19, only 12 (0.017%) were children under the age of 17 and only 1 had no underlying medical conditions. 

The CDC reported 600 children dying of influenza in the 2017/2018 season and according to JAMA children are at greater risk of critical illness from influenza then from COVID-19 (Study attached)

The Journal of Medical Virology publication states there is no evidence of child to child or child to adult transmission of COVID-19 “Children do not appear to transmit the infection to others” (Study attached)

It has been discovered that the main reason children are at virtually no risk of serious infection or death or spreading COVID-19 is because they have very little ACE2 receptors which is how the COVID-19 virus attaches itself to us. Because children and adolescent have so very few ACE2 receptors they are at the lowest risk and this includes university age students.  (ACE2 receptor study attached)

We are asking that the citizens, parents, teachers, school board, teachers unions, school board trustees, healthcare organizations, members of parliament, provincial and federal government immediately reverse the harmful decision to take our children away from full-time in person education and lovingly put them back in school full-time where they should have been this entire time.  And even once this is accomplished we will have to deal with a backlog of mental health issues that doctors believe will last decades.   If any professional related to the education, safety or health of our children are not willing to put the needs of their mental and physical health as well as their education before their own interests then as a society we should quickly replace them with people who realize the importance of our children’s health as the future of our society literally depends on it. 

It is reprehensible to ignore the evidence that the lockdown and withdrawal from physical school has destroyed our children’s education, mental health and increased suicide attempt and ideation. It was criminal to ignore when sick kids hospital and teams of clinical psychologist warned us that forcing social distancing and mask on children will cause irreparable psychological damage. School closures have caused our children to suffer education deficits and huge loss in future income potential which will lead to a future of despair and anguish, the problem is already upon our children and the longer we allow incompetent politicians to make completely non-scientific decisions that are gravely injuring our children the longer it will take to repair and the more costly the counselling, social services, welfare, healthcare and other remedies will be. The demand for these services is already going to increased to numbers never before seen or imagined. 

Children have been taught to look at each other guardedly with contempt as if they are walking virus factories capable of infecting and killing each other, as opposed to fellow human beings that can provide love, comfort and support. 

The government and media did the most unconscionable thing imaginable forcing young children, at the most momentous and impressionable developmental stages of their lives, to adhere to nonsensical social distancing while shutting down schools, social activities, sports, goals and imprisoning them in their homes. This cruel and unusual punishment goes far beyond child abuse and it’s time to put it to an abrupt end. 

The lockdown, absence from school and related measures are the core reason for child suffering and the drastic increase in child suicide attempt and depression. The sooner we get children back in school, in sports, around their friends and on a routine, without restrictions and masks which have been proven to be ineffective at preventing viral transfer and some studies even show they exacerbate our vulnerability, the sooner they can start the healing process and get back on track with proper social, mental and physical development. We still have a lot of work to do as a society to recover not only from COVID-19 but from the unfortunately fruitless combatting efforts of our government, but nothing we do moves us forward or begins any type of reversal to the damage of our children or our society until we put them back in school full-time, in person as they should have been according to all doctors, scientists and data. 

 How many more doctors must sign letters to the government putting them on notice asking to end the lockdown and how many more of our children must contemplate ending their lives or worse yet attempt to commit suicide before we collectively, successfully and quickly put our children back in school. 

There exists no argument that justifies the school closures and now that you the person reading this evidence package are aware of the horrific psychological, educational and physical damage the school closures and lockdowns have had and continue to have on our children it becomes your responsibility as an individual to take action and fervently fight to successfully and immediately change the policy makers within our government and educational institutions to immediately and publicly agree and declare that our children will be immediately reinstated without the possibility of future school closures or lockdowns. Now that you know, now that you have read this deaths of despair child suicide evidence package the next child that attempts or worse yet successfully commits suicide is also partially on you. We have allowed our government to make the worst possible decisions and we will watch our children suffer for many years to come, at some point we have to take matters into our own hands for the preservation of our society which only prospers through the health of our children. 

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