Legal Action Update

Legal Action Update

To ALL 1st Responders, Law Enforcement, EMS, Essential Municipal/Provincial Workers



1st Responders/Essential Workers Relief Fund


In support of ALL our Canadian Essential Workers, we at Take Action Canada have set up the Financial Relief Fund.

By way of very generous community donations we are now in a position to start receiving applications to those who find themselves in need of help!

Please submit your Application to the link below,

Applications will be processed quickly.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” — Dr Martin Luther King Jr


Our Legal Action includes ANYONE who has been coerced

  • Anyone Vaccinated under coercion
  • Anyone Testing under coercion
  • Anyone who's accommodation has been refused or rejected
  • Anyone forced in to early retirement
  • Anyone suspended without pay
  • Anyone terminated

If you have already sent in your retainer ...thank you !

Quick updates as the goal posts keep moving new retainer date - January 14, 2022.

Our legal action includes ALL those at the municipal and provincial level who are essential workers as part of the infrastructure meaning transit, water, nuclear, garbage, correctional facilities etc. Here is the Province's link to essential designation:

These services and functions are considered essential to preserving life, health and basic societal functioning. These include, but are not limited to, the functions performed by first responders, health care workers employed by the municipality/province, critical infrastructure workers (e.g., Hydro, Transit and natural gas), and workers who are essential to supply critical goods such as food and medicines. Workers who deliver essential services and functions included.


The Canadian government has expanded its mandatory vaccination policy to early 2022 to include all federally regulated workplaces, including banks and the nation's largest Telecom, and Transportation providers.

We have now opened our legal actions to include

  • Essential workers in banking/Credit Unions (includes tellers, managers etc.)
  • Essential workers in Telecom (Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido)
  • Essential workers in Transportation (CN, Airlines, Transit, VIA etc.)

Retainers will NOT be cashed right away. I will be sending out an email several days prior to the retainer submission to Rocco, which will include a window of time to which you can withdraw if you have had a change of circumstance.

** Bank drafts will need to be abbreviated from:

FROM: Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation
TO: Rocco Galati Law Firm Prof.Corp.

Retainers are now due by January 14, 2022
1. Please fill out all the form HERE IS THE LINK

· Please fill it out
· Print it and sign it
2. Please sign in BLUE ink
3. Please attach a photo ID i.e. drivers licence, Passport etc.
4. Please send a cheque which must be made out as follows;
Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation
5. Please mail to:
(yes, PO PO is correct)
PO Box 90082
Golf Links PO PO
Ancaster Ontario
L9K 0B4

6. Please include with cheque on separate piece of paper:

The FLAT FEE OF $1500 includes taxes.

FYI Disinformation Hurts Us All!

There has been an active smear campaign against Rocco Galati to include that he is on the government payroll or that he is controlled opposition. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rocco Galati has been attacked and continues to be attacked by Canuck Law. In response to their accusations, Rocco has filed a multi-million dollar Statement of Claim (legal action) . Click this link to read it .

Also false is that Rocco is on the government payroll - without his consent or knowledge, Rocco along with 1000's of other lawyers were added to a Covid Subsidy government program in March 2020 for about $100.00. When Rocco discovered this he asked his accountant to remove his firm right away. Canuck Law knows this but is misinforming Canadians and misleading them that this is a "Galati money grab."

Good luck Canuck Law defending the legal action by Rocco!

You are all doing fantastic work and I can’t thank you all enough for staying strong and committed to the battle.

We remain committed to you,

Sandy, Vincent and the entire Take Action Canada Team!

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