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Initiative Date Sent out from TAC Name Email Name of the Business or Institution Phone Number of the Business or Institution Name of the Person who you dealt with Time and Date of the incident Location of the Incident What Happened (be as specific as you can)
1 August 25,21 @ 8:17pm loutfi shoppers drug 6138411535 don't remember August 22nd at 9.47pm 2954 St Joseph, k1c1g7 Orleans It's the 2nd time i have the same incident. Was there Wednesday and now Sunday 15mn before they close. Store was EMPTY ! Took 2 eggs, put 5$ exact amount so cashier has nothing to do. Still seems ask too much as she clearly refuse to serve me. Again told her I was exempted, mandates are not law, it's illegal. Told her here is 5$ take the money I leave. She was petrified ''I can't do that''. I guess employees have been threatened by owners. ''I am calling my supervisor''. Supervisor (woman) came in 30 seconds, didnt' say A SINGLE WORD !! No hi, no sorry, no nothing !! She just punched her code, did the transaction. Took my items with a big ''THANK YOU VEEEEERY MUCH''. Still no words. And left.
2 August 25 @ 8:24 PM Linda Kate Canadian Tire (416) 766-8141 Will B. And 4 other staffs, plus a harassing customer August 21, 2021-18:30 2129 St. Claire Avenue W. Toronto, ON M6N5B4 I went to Canadian tire to buy some boxes, when I arrived I was met with an employee who told me that I had to wear a face mask, I told him that because I had a medical condition that kept me from being able to wear one and then he said that he couldn't let me in and that I can wear a face shield or I can speak to the manager, I agreed to wait for the manager. When the manager came I told him the same thing and he said that because Canadian tire is a private company that they weren't letting anyone without a face mask into the store. I told him that I've been to other Canadian tires and this has not happened before and he said that his Canadian tire was privately owned and if I like I could call 311 for confirmation and so I agreed. Once I contacted 311 the operator told me that Canadian tire was under a certain sector and so therefore they were not allowed to deny me services and that she would proceed to file a complaint with the ByLaw officer. I said this to the manager and they insisted that they will not allow me into the store. At this point the manager asked me to leave or he would call the police and I said to him that I would prefer that option because they were not in compliance with the ByLaw, after a while 3 more employees came to speculate the situation and they started asking me to leave the premises. The manager then said I could place an online order but it would take 1.5hrs for it to be completed, that wasn't time that I had that day and honestly at this point I was tired of the unfair treatment especially from companies that were in violation of the ByLaw as it relates to the exemption clause.

After a while a customer came in and involved himself into the situation and started saying that I think I'm better than everyone else, after approximately 15 mins of hurling insults at me, one of which he called me a dumbass he finally left. During that time the employees were taking part in the insults as I tried to explain to them the exemption 2(a) of the Bylaw, they constantly mocked me and told me that I need to stand 6 feet away from the customer that was insulting me. They said that they didn't have access to a internet so they haven't read the ByLaw and that I had no life that's why I'm researching things like this. After 20 minutes had gone by I realized that there was no officer on site and the manager told me that they were coming, but they never came. In my frustration I did attempt to pay the employees into the store but they wouldn't allow me. I told them that what they were doing was wrong and an act of discrimination as Canadian tire is a public service, which is clearly stated in The Canadian Encyclopedia (screenshot provided)

Around 7pm I went to the manger and I showed him the screenshot and I told him that I would make a complaint and would require the names of the employees, he gave it to me. On Sunday I contacted Canadian Tire customer service number and made a complaint, the supervisor told me that I was correct and that he would contact the owner who would then give me a follow-up on the matter.

Today, August 23, 2021, the owner contacted me and said the exact same thing the manager at the store had said and when I tried to correct him, he said he is in compliance as his company is privately owned and I could check with 311 and when I told him that I did he then told me that 311 wasn't the one enforcing the law. During the conversation he didn't allow me to complete my sentence, he kept interrupting me, and finally I told him that he wasn't listen to me and even as I tried to say that he interrupted me once again. I made it clear that even his aggression towards me was another form of harassment and that I am a customer and I was going to further the situation to the human rights and then I hung up.

I'm not sure what can be done, but I've been to other Canadian tires and non of the employees have treated me with such hostility and embarrassment.

3 August 25 @ 8:35 PM RP Singh Pollock Hardware 204-582-5007 Unnamed 3:10 pm on Tuesday August 17 Pollock Hardware at 1407 Main Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I entered the business and was asked to wear a mask. I was offered a mask to wear. I declined and stated I would not wear a mask. I then asked if they would be refusing me service and if I should leave and the responded in the affirmative.
4 August 25 @ 8:39 PM RP Singh Video 1001 204-589-4321 Carly August 22, 2021 at 6:36 pm 576 Mountain Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2W 1K9 I was denied entry into the establishment because only people with masks were allowed in. I insisted they serve me through their walk-up window and they complied.
5 August 31 @ 6:17 PM Kim Daley Sunnyside general market 905 Unknown Sunday august 22nd appx 7pm 5 Pier street Caesarea I went into the store to get ice cream with my granddaughter and the owner I don't know her name but she's the older lady it's a privately owned the little corner shop the only one in town ! she yelled at me for not wearing a mask I told her I was exempt she refuse me service scared my granddaughter and barred me there is also a Canada post outlet which my mail goes to in that same store which I now will have to fight to get into
6 August 31 @ 8:00 PM Chris Cheese boutique (416) 762-6292 I did not ask End of July near 12pm Swansea Ontario I was refused service and asked to leave even when though I had an exemption button and me and ignored my explanation telling them that because of medical reasons I Can wear a mask
7 September 1 @ 4:00 PM Paul Fortinos 905-851-7632 Manager May 2021 Front Door I needed to pick up medication for my Nonno. I walked in with out my mask claimed my medical exemption and was stopped by the girl at the door. Who was sweet and following her orders. I asked to speak to the manager. When he showed up I explained to him that I was exempt due to medical reasons. He told me it was loblaws policy, no mask no entry. I proceeded to tell him I needed to get my nonnos meds. He was reluctant to do anything. So, I got assertive and told him my nonnos name, put the money in his hand and told him to go get them. He did. I haven't been to any loblaws facility since.
8 September 1 @ 10:15PM Paul chapters 905-264-6401 Manager Feb 21 2001 Front Door I went to go pick up my online order. Wasn't wearing my mask. They wouldn't let me in cause I wasn't DOUBLE MASKED. This was the first time I ever picked up an online order from them. They never told me the proper process, they did however make me wait in the cold for 10 min. So, I propped open the door letting in all the cold air. At this point the manager came out and told me what I needed to pick up my order. I went to my car got my pick up number and waited another 10 min in the cold before they brought my book out.
9 September 2 @ 6:56PM Joanne Vucenovic Home Hardware 519 776 4646 They weren't wearing a name tag August 31, 2021 approx. 1pm Wilson Ave., Essex Ontario I wasn't allowed in to pick up a package sent by FedEx. I was told to wait outside as masks are mandatory, no excemptions or exceptions. The gentleman was curteous, brought my package right to me outside, but I feel discriminated against because I don't wear a mask. I don't have to state why. This kind of thing needs to stop now.
10 September 2 @ 9:56PM Miska Madari Yummy Market, Vaughan, ON (905) 417-4117 Manager Time : 7:20 pm, Wed., August 25, 2021 1390 Major Mackenzie Drive, West Maple ON, L6A 4H6 My mom and I went into Yummy Market to shop for groceries. As we were going towards the meat dept., the front end manager saw us and ran to the front. Shortly after she called the store manager. He came running out with a box of masks in his hand and told us that the store policy is that everyone has to wear a mask and there is no exemptions .I spoke to the store manager told him I have a breath problem and I also told him that my mother has COPD and Cancer. The manager told her to go to the coffee shop. I asked my mom if she would like me to pick the groceries . She said no, I don't want you to put the mask on. I started to get angry because told us to leave the store , had to leave the groceries behind , he wouldn't let us check out. As we were going up front I asked the manager if Covid 19 was more important than making sales. He did not like what I said. As we were going to the front door he said this not against you or your mother this is the policy with the store. As we were going out the door everyone was staring at us because we were not wearing a mask.
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