COVID and FLU First Line Defense

Your Easy and Inexpensive First Line of Defense for Covid and Flu (Influenza) 

Dr. Duncan Stewart – Victoria, BC October 2021





What if I told you there is a substance that kills 99.99% of pathogens (viruses/bacteria/Fungi/Yeasts) while being non-toxic to the body?

What if I also told you this substance is listed by the EPA (USA) & Health Canada as approved for SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) DISINFECTION applications and has been shown capable of inactivating the virus in as little as 1 min. (@200ppm)?

What if I then told you it is actually manufactured, on site, in many hospitals for use as a safe, non-allergenic disinfectant that is 100x more effective than Bleach at killing viruses and it leaves no residue or odor?

What if I mention it is mild enough to use on a baby’s bottom and on other “delicate” body parts.

NOW – what if I also told you that it is actually made by your own body, by the IMMUNE cells (White Blood Cells, primarily Neutrophils), as the FIRST line of defense against INFECTION? This means it is natural to our body, so it already knows how to manage it.

Then, I can tell you that I always have this ready as an essential part of my home personal medical toolkit to apply IMMEDIATELY if I get symptoms of any type of possible infection. I literally never develop colds or flu, so I believe this also may  potentially help to slow a COVID infection.  However, virtually nobody I have told about this substance over the last 18 months has even heard of it (although it has been known for over 100 years).

Lastly, what if I told you – that, amazingly, you can make it yourself, at home, in 9 minutes, for $1.00 and even use it to replace most of your present cleaning products at a fraction of the price?

Would you want to know what this substance is and how to make it?

Do I have your attention?

It is HYPOchlorous Acid: Chemical Formula HOCL

Hypo = low/mild (below 0.05% concentration in this case)

Chlorous= contains some trivalent chlorine (so has very slight swimming pool smell for a brief period)

DEMO – How to Make Your Own HOCL (using “Force of Nature” Kit)

Electrolysis Unit      


Water (preferably Distilled for longer lasting product) 


Capsule of SALT/VINEGAR (precisely measured quantities – VERY IMPORTANT)


9 Mins (Device signals ready & turns off automatically)


Dispense the fresh HOCL into Spray Bottle (Use for 2-4 weeks & then make new batch)


Use it for EVERYTHING listed in these notes

Further Information Details

This is a group with diverse backgrounds, so I will try to provide enough further detail for those with science & medical training, while being easily understandable for those who do not. Going to move fast but - Don’t worry if you do not fully catch something - you can ask more later. + I am going to turn my notes into a handout which will be made available to anyone in the group who wants it.

Health Applications

Disclaimer & Cautions

I am Medical Researcher, not a Clinician, so I am NOT, hereby, providing medical advice in any way. Only technical information about possible applications of HOCL, as reported in the scientific literature, together with description of my own personal usage choices, is provided. Any action you may choose to make based upon this information is entirely your own personal decision and responsibility. Decisions of this type should always be made with the greatest caution possible and after all necessary further research and consultation with qualified professionals.

While every effort has been made to ensure the information provided is correct, No liability is accepted for any errors or inaccuracies.

HOCL is listed as an approved by Health Canada for use as an external DISINFECTANT for SARS CoV-2. However, I am not aware of any official approval for its use in CLINICAL TREATMENT of COVID-19. It is also unlikely that your family Doctor will be able to advise you concerning HOCL.

More Detailed Mechanism Notes

HOCL combines with other Hypohalous Acids and is produced enzymatically in IMMUNE SYSTEM - White Blood Cells (primarily Neutrophils) to kill phagocytized pathogens via “oxidative stress-induced protein aggregation” resulting in the loss of function of numerous pathogen proteins.

Some Reported Physiological Effects of HOCL of Potential Relevance to SARS CoV-2

  • Reduces ACE2*Receptor Binding to Coronavirus Proteins (effect approx. 30 mins after application of short spray in nasal cavity). “Monoclonal Antibodies” also block ACE2 Receptors.

Interesting Comparison Note:

HOCL Costs $1 to make a  bottle – no significant reported side effects

Monoclonal Antibody treatment costs approx. $550 per dose (x3) – possible side effects may include - fever/chills/weakness/headache/nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/low blood pressure.

*Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 Receptor


  • Interleukin 6 / IL6 (pro-inflammatory cytokine, potentially contributory to excessive “cytokine storm”) produced by macrophages in response to infection. HOCL in airways may modify IL6 response beneficially. HOCL reported to also reduce associated PAIN (allergic responses/inflammation, etc).

Wound Healing (first used WW2): in addition to the aforementioned beneficial anti-microbial effects, HOCL promotes:

    • New capillary bed growth
    • Macrophage cleanup of dead tissue
    • Local clotting to control bleeding
    • Restoration of normal epithelial cells to close wound and lay down new healthy tissue
  • Eye-care (Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) / Blepharitis / Allergic Reactions) / Ear-care.
  • Dental/Gum infections (gargle safely at proper concentration) + Toothbrush cleaning
  • Skin Disorders with underlying microbial or fungal origin (as opposed to skin excretion of toxins). Gentle enough for Babies & adult sensitive body parts.
  • Mycotoxin infections (Aspergillis / Black Mold etc.)
  • Biofilm eradication
  • Veterinary treatments (pets/farm animals)

CAUTION: Similar to many pharmaceutical products, HOCL has a broad-based effect on the overall microbiome. For example, if used frequently for mouth conditions, may be advisable to re-establish necessary beneficial oral microbes by use of dental probiotics.   Note that typical Mouthwash products generate the same concern, as well as often being directly toxic.

Methods of Application Reported* as Practical & Beneficial

  • MISTING of Upper Respiratory Tract (breathing in deeply – nose & mouth), hourly at first signs & symptoms of an infection. This may also prove useful for a range of common winter seasonal infections. Sensation may be slightly unpleasant, but it is generally well tolerated and reports of significant negative side-effects do not seem to be appearing.

NEBULIZER or Ultrasonic Humidifier gives enhanced delivery due to finer droplet size.

  • Zinc ACETATE lozenges (sucked) taken as soon as possible after symptoms commence, hourly (x6 / 5 day limit) are often recommended as supportive. If Acetate is hard to source, Gluconate can also be used, although less effective.
  • Skin - Direct spray into/onto injury sites. Mild, momentary sting may occur, but no other issues appear to be reported.

CAUTION: NOT recommended to DRINK (although Rats studied survived)

*My own personal use experience consistently tallies with these reports.

Other Important Applications

  • Household Cleaner /Degreaser/ Deodorizer & Deoderant / Preservative (foods,etc).

More effective than BLEACH (which actually also contains a little HOCL).

Substitutes for wide range of kitchen, bath, toilet, glass and even rug cleaners (no whitening damage effect, no damage to stone surfaces (unlike vinegar)).

LEAVES NO RESIDUE OR RESIDUAL ODOUR (smells like dilute swimming pool when first applied due to trace amounts of Chlorine, but this quickly disappears)


Widespread substitution of HOCL in place of standard current disinfection products (which are mostly highly toxic for humans, animals and the environment). Current worldwide use, on a scale never before seen, in virtually all business locations (especially eating establishments & food stores), is now generating a huge unnecessary toxic hazard burden.

Cost savings to be gained from substituting with HOCL could be very substantial.

SPECIAL RECOMMENDATION for Dr. Bonnie Henry & other Provincial Health Officers

  1. Set up large scale manufacturing facilities for HOCL (similar to the industrial production scale already happening for over 40 years).
  2. Make the product available FREE to all citizens.
  3. Recommend (not mandate) against present excessive widespread use of toxic disinfection products.

Home Production Chemistry Protocol Notes

Water (H2O) (pref.Distilled) (         ) + Non-iodinated salt (NaCl) (        )

+ Vinegar (CH3COOH dilute Acetic Acid) (        ) + Electrolysis (9 mins)

CAUTION: Quantities are deleted in above formula, since home production of the Salt / Vinegar Mixture is NOT RECOMMENDED without adequate scientific background and pH Meter.

Accidentally producing a weak solution of Sodium Hypochlorite (NAOCL = Bleach) which can irritate nose/throat/lung tissues & eyes is possible. Making higher concentrations than the HOCL 0.05% recommended could also possibly cause tissue damage to oral cavity, esophagus, gastric mucosa.

IMPORTANT: For home production by non-scientists- SAFER /more precise/easier to use premixed “Force of Nature” Capsules (Approx. $1 each = see below for supplies).

The chemistry behind making Hypochlorous is well-known: an electrolytic process breaks a saltwater solution (H2O + NaCl) at the correct physiological concentration, down into essential elements before the reaction oxidises at the positively charged anode. Desired pH is achieved by inclusion of precise level of the pure Vinegar.

The reaction releases TRACE levels of chlorine in the process, which become Hypochlorous acid, at the correct pH.

Description of HOCL as an “Acid” is somewhat misleading, since, if manufactured properly it has anendpoint pH of approx. 7.0 (so won’t irritate the mucosa or skin, or trigger conditions like eczema with prolonged use).

A small swing either side of pH7.0 can trigger a significant drop in efficacy. A Hypochlorous acid product that kills viruses in 1 minute at a pH of 7 might take several times as long if the pH is affected in the manufacturing process.

“FORCE OF NATURE” Product Kit - End-Product Specifications (as stated by Manufacturer)

PREMIXED CAPSULES - NaCl (Na+ Cl-)(Sodium Chloride/”Salt” (Non- Iodized) = <0.5%

Electrolysis Produces:

  1. HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) <0.05% (Validated @ 220ppm chlorine by Idiometric Titration where 1ppm= 1mg/L)
  • Disinfectant (99.9% Pathogens, including Staph / MRSA / Salmonella (contaminated food & water) / Norovirus / Listeria (food bacteria) etc. etc.
  • Deodorizer
  1. NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) = <0.0000003%
  • Detergent-Cleaner: common in Toothpaste, Skin Care & Cleaners (although at much higher concentrations). Use for Sticky Mess/Soap Scum/Grime. Heating raises effect.


HOCL made with TAP WATER is NOT stabilised and the impurities (especially trace metals) in water eventually cause dissolution back into water (H2O) + Salt (NaOCI) in 7-14 Days.

Recommended to increase stability: Use DISTILLED WATER / ISOTONIC Salt (body concentration “Physiological Saline”) / Store DARK & COOL Place / Keep Bottle FULLY CLOSED


Best Value Kit Option:

Electrolysis Unit + 50 Activator Capsules (typical 1yr. supply) + Spray Bottle (high quality)

$105 US

Note: 25% off Promo Code for New Customers –This will take about 15 secs to appear

WEBSITE (Information & Ordering Link)


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Hypochlorous Acid: A Review

Michael S. Block, DMD∗∗ and Brian G. Rowan, DMD, MD


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