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Take Action Canada is leading a Freedom Rising action of the week to post freedom stickers in public spots coast to coast. We will be printing and distributing 250,000 high-quality, weather resistant stickers to teams in as many cities as possible and posting them all during a single week, for maximum public impact. Teams of volunteers will work together to post stickers at a high density on public property in key locations in each city. The event will happen in mid February (exact dates TBA), and further details about where to post the stickers for maximum effectiveness will be forthcoming. 

Right now we are looking for volunteers in two capacities: City captains who will help organize volunteers for their city and plan the ideal locations for maximum impact; and volunteers who will be able to help place stickers. Please sign up using this form to let us know if you can help. 


As well as the stickers we will be distributing, if you would like to download and print your own stickers, feel free to use this PDF




Download the PDF Here English  and French 

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In each town or city being stickered, captains should identify streets with plenty of foot traffic, ideally where lamppost advertising is not uncommon. In larger cities, these will be central pedestrian/restaurant/shopping areas. In smaller towns, this will likely be the “old town” or “main street” part of the town. In fairly rural areas, it might make sense to do the main street of one town and then move to the next and repeat, rather than stickering outlying areas.
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