Petition e-3871 - Call for Investigation into Canada’s Role in the Lipid Nanoparticle Technology

Independent and objective investigation into the Government of Canada's (GoC) use of vaccine mandates

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Petition To The Cnd. Government To Stop Vaccinating Our Children

Suspend the use of the experimental Covid injections in pregnant women, children, youth, and people of child bearing age.

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Petition to Re-open Ontario Schools for In Class Learning

As a result of the lockdown and closure of public school our children are now experiencing an unprecedented amount of anxiety, social isolation & depression which has resulted in a 300% increase in serious suicide attempts.

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Petition: e-3934 (Employment and Labour) - Repeal the Interim COVID-19 Requirements for Civil Aviation

Immediately repeal the Interim Order Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation Due to COVID 19

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Petitions to keep your childen safe

Everything you need to know about keeping your children safe from potentially harmful toxins in vaccines.

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Calling #code Pink Children first canada petition

Children First Canada and its partners are declaring #codePINK – a term used for pediatric emergencies.

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Petitions By Randy Hillier

Randy Hillier has been fighting the negative impacts of the lockdown virtually since it's inceptions. He has up to 10 petitions you can sign which include things like: End mandatory masks, reopen schools and end the lockdown.

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Charlie Angus Petition For Health In Seniors Homes

The Premier of Ontario has failed to mandate necessary measures to protect these vulnerable citizens, both the residents and the staff of LTC. Help Charlie Angus bring health into Long Term Care homes.

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Petition To Stop The Vaccination Of Our Children

To date, less than 20 children have died from Covid RELATED deaths in Canada. However, in just 2 months there have been 1026 cases of myocarditis in kids aged 0-25 and 88 Heart Attacks in children 0-24 in the USA from the Vaccine.

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Petition to save our small businesses

Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
Sign The Petition To Save Our Small Businesses

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LifeSite launches campaign to fight the Great Reset in Canada

Urge your MP to reject digital ID!

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