Deena Hinshaw

It’s been over a year since Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, first told Albertans to wear masks, social distance and live with lockdowns. Yet she has never produced the science to show why she expected those measures would work. Dr. Hinshaw’s decisions are not based on science.  For example she has not explained why.:

  • her policies oppose decades of independent science, studies and meta-studies which have shown consistently that masking, social distancing and lockdowns do not effectively prevent the spread of disease;
  • her pandemic strategy is based on “case” numbers fraudulently diagnosed with a PCR test technology that research scientists, a high court in Portugal, the manufacturer of the testing kits and its inventor have all declared is utterly invalid for diagnosis;
  • her pandemic management protocols handicapped the pandemic response by redefining important long-established medical protocols and research terms critical for managing a pandemic. For example “asymptomatic” was never used for healthy people before, and for the first time ever healthy people are being called “cases”.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, has failed to meet her prime obligation as  Chief Public Health Officer to protect public health, safety and well-being.

  • Shockingly, she has caused many unnecessary deaths by not making available to Albertans the many safe cures and treatments well-known to be both effective and inexpensive.
  • He disregards the growing mountain of evidence from doctors and analysts and scientific studies by continuing her anti-COVID measures—masking, social distancing—that have created untold psychological, economic and social devastation, and more unnecessary deaths.
  • He has made no reference to the success of increasing number of places like  Sweden, Florida, Texas and other States, where people are living normal lives free of masks, social distancing and lockdowns—and enjoy better COVID numbers than Albertans under her care.

Dr. Hinshaw has not been acting in the best interests of Albertans. Instead of guiding Albertans toward the health and the openness enjoyed in other places, Dr. Hinshaw is continuing to push policies that have failed to contain the COVID crisis, devastated Alberta and served only to fuel public fear and anxiety.  Why? One can only speculate.

Whether it is her ignorance, her incompetence or something even more worrisome, for Albertans the best medicine would be to show Dr. Deena Hinshaw the door.

If you agree, please fill out a complaint to help speed the process.


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